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Tone Remote Information

Motorola Components

  • L1475(A) -- Tone Remote Desk Set
  • L1548(A) -- Tone Remote Adapter
  • TNA200 (L3151A) -- Tone Remote Adapter (Same as GAI-TRONICS ITA2000A ?)
  • C200 -- Tone Remote Desk Set (Same as GAI-TRONICS ITR1000A ?)


I haven't verified it yet, but it looks like the Motorola TNA200
is the same as the GAI-TRONICS ITA2000A. Here is some documentation
I found on the ITA2000A. One document is from GAI-TRONICS and talks
about the TNA200. It also looks like the Motorola C200 is the same as the ITR1000A deskset.

L1548A P2 Connector Pin Out

Here is a link to a BatLabs post about the pin out of the connector that connects to the radio.

L1548 supports two channel selection.

The L1548 TRA is an IAI product [the MRTI people]. Here is the pin out of the P2 connector on the L1548:

P2 on the L1548A connects to the radio, normally a Maxtrac. The 3rd column in the table below shows the corresponding pin on the maxtrac 16 pin connector.

Pin Description 16 Pin Maxtrac Pin
1 Rx audio 7
2 F1
3 Rx audio + 11
4 F2
5 key pin
6 PTT 3
7 mic hi 2
8 monitor 14
9 mic lo 7
10 osc ground
11 duplex control
12 ground 7
14 ground 7
13 DC+ 13
15 DC+ 13
16 ground 7


C200/ITR1000 Tone Remote Deskset

L1475 Tone Remote Deskset

TNA200 Tone Remote Adapter

TNA200 Tone Remote Adapter (back)

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Page last modified on August 06, 2007, at 09:06 AM